Monday, 19 March 2012


Hello all, I will no longer be using this account or blog - and as you can probably see, haven't done in some time.

I now have a new blog:    ... and the blog, Thought Bubble.

I have started afresh, and even reveal my true identity (makes me sound like a super hero!) I am no longer hiding behind 'the girl in the corner' and have revealed my real name, Shelby Fuller.

Please take a look at my new blog <3

This is me!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Big Bad Grandma!

Thought I would share with you a story I wrote/ re-wrote for my English Language AS Coursework. I changed the story of Little Red Riding Hood, tell me what you think ... 

As most of you know there once lived a little girl who liked to wear a red hooded cape which had been knitted by her Grandma. This little girl was known as Little Red Riding Hood. What you do not know- is the truth…

Once upon a time in a land far far away in a small house just outside of the woods, lived a frail old lady who lived on her own. She relied on visits from her Grand-daughter for company. One night Grandma was laying in bed, she was gazing out of the window…

As the full moon entered the cold winters night sky Grandma began to change. Her crow footed eyes grew and the humble hazel they once were turned into a bloodshot black. Her aged ears decorated by dangling ear rings, and the left ear aided by a hearing aid also grew, they changed and pointed at their tops, and in doing so the hearing aid fell to the floor. The ear rings still were dangling from the mutated ears. Her wrinkled nose was next; it mutated the whole shape of her face. The area from her jaw line to her nose stretched outwards it was now a rectangular shape. Her nose became a simple black moulding on the end of her irregular face. It was moistly wet and perfectly round. Next Grandma’s dentures fell out of her mouth and from her gums grew razor sharp teeth. Sharp enough to puncture a tyre with one touch.  

Grandma was a werewolf.

With a hunger for meat and a thirst for blood, Grandma was a vicious mutation of her previous self.  With a simple sniff of her dog-like nose she could sense ‘food’ within a 10 mile radius.

 And who happened to be on her way to visit her Grandma at this moment? – None other than Little Red Riding Hood- the werewolf’s Grandchild. However the love Grandma feels for Little Red Riding Hood was hidden by the sweet scent of the young girls’ flesh, bones and bodily fluids- which were skipping happily towards Grandma’s cosy cottage. These tantalising smells excited Grandmas senses and she prepared herself for the hunt…

The young, innocent, sweet little girl skipping joyfully on her way to visit the Grandma she loved so dearly. In her hands she carried a basket in which some home made cakes waited to be delivered to Grandma. As the little girl; proudly wearing the knitted red hooded cape her Grandma had given her was beginning to get nervous. She had left late on this bitter cold winter’s day and the darkness was easing in. The bare trees creaking above her quickened the little girl’s heartbeat.  As the little girls nerves grew    

When Grandma did reach her Grandchild; a scream so high pitched that it penetrated the ears of all those nearby and left a scar deep within their memories; came crying out of the little girl. Grandma’s big eyes locked onto the little girl, studying her every move. Grandma’s big ears heard every last breath the little girl took. Grandma’s big nose inhaled the sensational scent of the little girl’s flesh and blood. Grandma’s big teeth punctured the small child’s skin and tore her apart. She ripped her limb from limb. Grandma ate her Grandchild and at the time loved every moment in doing it.

Grandma ended Little Red Riding Hood. 

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Introductions ...

Ambitions can vary from lifetime goals to hopes and dreams and To-Do lists. 

       My Lifetime GoalTo become an Author. 
                                           Growing up my idol was Jacqueline Wilson.

       My Hopes and Dreams:  Mainly I hope to do well in my education.
                                                     I hope and dream about being published.

      My To-Do List = Never ending! Homework, coursework, personal projects etc. 

Throughout childhood my head was always stuck in a book, and my ambition in life is to have my name on a book. To be an author would be a dream come true. 

I have decided I am going to start writing a book. I have been wanting to for a long time, I feel I am now ready. I have a firm idea for a plot which is based on personal experience, just exaggerated as creative writers do. I have decided to create this blog about achieving my ambitions so that I don't do what I usually do and leave a project half finished due to writers block and getting lost within the story. I want to get you, my readers as involved as I can, if I get writers block I will ask your opinion on where to go, if I feel a section is missing something I will ask your opinions on what to add. 

I am always writing down plots and imagining scenarios, and have now decided that it is time to make time to start writing a novel. I have been putting it off and making excuses, but now is the time. Recently I was talking about my dreams with someone I know and they told me that if I want to be an author, I should start writing now. 

I had an idea of a plot, but i'd been putting it off, then my Gran gave me an article in a magazine to read. It was an interview with an author named Wilbur Smith: Secret of My Success. There was one paragraph which caught my eye: 
"If you want to become a novelist, write for yourself... You have to tell the story that you believe in, then people will believe it" (Wilbur Smith)

And then, just yesterday (Christmas Day) I received a CD by my favourite artist, Taylor Swift. Her new album Speak Now - Deluxe Edition. I took out the little booklet in the CD case and on the first two pages was a prologue to the CD written by Taylor herself, in it she is telling her listeners her inspiration for the CD. The section which caught my eye is this: 
"So say it to them. Or say it to yourself in the mirror. Say it in a letter you'll never send or in a book millions might read someday. I think you deserve to look back on your life without a chorus of resounding voices saying 'I could've, but it's too late now.'" (Taylor Swift) 

I'm choosing the third option, I'm going to say it "in a book millions might read someday". 

Because I have made this decision to start to do something about fulfilling my dreams at the end of the year I have decided that it it my New Years Resolution to write a novel, to stick to it and to start to fulfil my dreams. So that gives me 5 days until my official deadline to begin my Ambition Mission.